The Nose is a scent artist, who
works and is based in Amsterdam.
Through the scents he found his
way to express himself and his ideas.
To break out of the bottle, The Nose
decided to develop olfactory
projects that bridge the gap between
scents and other senses.

After long years spent in perfume
industry, he decided to visualize
some of his olfactory works. The
urge to materialize and put his
creations into another frame made
him to form different performances,
sculptures and installations that hold
their shape between the layers of the
perfume substance and the volume.

From these structures, the scents
arise addressing visitors’ most
personal and emotive part. Unlike
sight and sound, which can be
measured quantitatively, odor often
exists in a world of metaphor and
subjectivity. The sense of smell is the
strongest and is directly connected
with our subconscious.

The Nose thinks and communicates
in scents.

This website is a collection of a work
in progress of the past two years.